About Portland Tax Forum


The Portland Tax Forum is a nonprofit corporation. Our goal is provide nationally recognized speakers on tax topics and to promote professional tax education to attorneys, certified public accountants and other tax professionals.

Portland Tax Forum Articles
of Incorporation
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Portland Tax Forum Bylaws [94k PDF]

OSB Accreditation November 2010 [71k PDF]

OSB Accreditation December 2010 [65k PDF]

For more information about the Portland Tax Forum, please contact:

Susan Gabel
Isler Northwest LLC
1300 SW Fifth Ave., Suite 2900
Portland, Oregon 97201-5636
503-224-5321 voice
503-224-8605 fax

Officers & Executive Committee

Chair: Brigitte Sutherland
Past Chair: Kimberly Pray
Chair Elect: Dan Eller
Treasurer: Paul Waldram
Secretary: Brent Berselli
At Large: Mark Golding
At Large: Roberta Mann
At Large: Joe Hagan
At Large: David DiLorenzo


Marilyn Bergen
Larry Brant
Mitch Cohen
John Eckroth
Gwen Griffith
Chris Heuer
Karen Hobson
Mark Huglin
Mike Kelly
Heather Kmetz
Chris Loughran
Dan O’Leary
Kristine Peterson
Brian Rapp
Robert Riley
Mike Roy
Russ Royer
Mike Sause
Rob Wiest
Robert Winger
Caitlin Wong
June Wyrick Flores